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Sollog Exhibit


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Sollog is a renown Abstract Minimalist Neoplastic Artist

Sollog has developed Eight Styles of Painting in his Career

The Eight Styles of Sollog Art are

Abstract Occult Symbolism

Abstract Astrology Symbolism

Abstract Minimalism Symbolism

Abstract Collage Occult Symbolism

Abstract Scientific Equations

Abstract Paleo Hebrew Symbolism

Abstract Euro Cave Art Symbolism

Abstract Asian Symbolism

Sollog is also a famous Occult Figure due to the Sollog Prophecies

Sollog is a Genius that has theorized numerous new Laws in Physics & Math

Sollog has written over 100 Books and Wrote over 100 Songs

Sollog has produced dozens of films and thousands of Videos

Sollog formed the Fasted Growing Religion Temple ‘Hayah

Sollog created the Global Merchant Crypto Coin BizBytes

Sollog’s Creator Formula Painting is the First 1 Billion Dollar Artwork

Sollog’s Computer Universe Theory is now cutting Edge Physics

Sollog’s Genius is manifested through his Artwork


Sollog Giclee Prints

Museum Quality Prints Look Like Original





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